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X-ray Topography systems

PSL delivers X-ray Topography systems that reveal cracks in single crystal substrates down to 10 microns resolution.

The instrument uses a monochromatic well collimated 8keV intense beam which covers up to 5mm x 5mm.

X-ray topographs are obtained in transmission mode. The camera with up to 50lp/mm resolution records intensity changes produced by subtle diffracted beam path differences.

It will show the distribution of various singularities that affect the Bragg reflection. In particular crystal defects such as precipitates, individual dislocations, stacking faults, domain or phase boundaries.

The system comes in a self contained table top X-ray cabinet with remote control capabilities and fully motorized controls for adjusting resolution / contrast.

Low cost of ownership, limited maintenance, combined with a very intuitive Graphical User Interface makes the system extremely attractive for both academic as well as industrial customers.

X-ray Topography systems
X-ray Topography systems

Photonic Science Limited - X-ray Topography systems and Scientific Detector Systems