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X-ray Phase contrast systems

PSL delivers X-ray Phase Contrast systems with edge enhancement contrast at up to 60keV operation.

The instrument unveils very subtle variations (phase shift) introduced in the X-ray path, resulting in contrast changes around the edges of a low Z atomic number object as light and dark fringes.

Those very high spatial frequencies > 200lp/mm are imaged onto a very high resolution detector with excellent Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) response, typically > 20lp/mm using a moderate geometric magnification up to 10 to 15 times.

Light materials such as foams, composite, polymers can be imaged down to a micrometer resolution.
Phase retrieval software allows the recovery of quantitative information of a sample with known density, thus helping refining 3D tomographic reconstructions.

The system comes in a self contained table top X-ray cabinet with remote control capabilities and fully motorized controls for adjusting resolution / contrast. Low cost of ownership, limited maintenance, combined with a very intuitive Graphical User Interface makes the system extremely attractive for both academic as well as industrial customers.

X-ray Phase contrast systems
X-ray Phase contrast systems

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