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X-ray Microscopy systems

PSL delivers an X-ray cellular microscope that can resolve image details down to less than 3 micrometer.

The instrument allows continuous magnification from 1x to 10x, enabling a smooth transition between macroscopic scales down to 2.7 micron resolution on specific regions of interest down to cellular level.

Thick biological samples such as cancerous tissues can be imaged using multiple wavelengths enabling ratio metric imaging between light elements contained in micro calcification, or metastasis cells without the use of staining agents.

Three dimensional reconstruction can be performed with the use of high precision stages and dedicated software allowing volumetric analysis and 3D rendering of cancerous tissue slices.

The system can be used along with vacuum-assisted biopsy devices in the operating theatre reducing greatly the time for rendering an absolute diagnostic, or for research labs looking for state of art ex-vivo instrumentation looking for better understanding of cancer propagation down to cellular level.

X-ray Microscopy systems
X-ray Microscopy systems

Photonic Science Limited - X-ray Microscopy systems and Scientific Detector Systems