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Digital X-ray Radiography systems

PSL delivers X-ray digital radiographic systems that detect porosity, inclusions, cracks and grain structure down to micrometer range at up to 60 keV.

Ball Grid Arrays (BGA), Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and flip-chip devices, are imaged with up to x10 magnification in order to isolate dry joints, bridging/shorts, voiding, misplacement / misalignment problems down to few microns resolution.

Moving stages enable the production of high resolution stitched images with up to 100mm x 100mm of complex large area samples.

The same kind of set up can be used as well for inspection of the latest ceramic, plastic and composite structures.

The system comes in a self contained table top X-ray cabinet with remote control capabilities and fully motorized controls for adjusting resolution / contrast. Low cost of ownership, limited maintenance, combined with a very intuitive Graphical User Interface makes the system extremely attractive for both academic as well as industrial customers.

Digital X-ray Radiography systems
Digital X-ray Radiography systems

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