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Very High Resolution X-ray CCD camera arrays

The VHR 3x1 X-ray Camera is a very high resolution large area X-ray CCD array detector system that incorporates 3 tapered X-ray CCD modules.

The camera is composed with three individual tapered CCD modules, each with 4008x2672 resolution and 124x83mm active area.

The camera produces a 250x125mm 33 megapixel resolution image with 31 microns pixel size.

The 3 sensors are multiplexed in order to deliver a seamlessly stitched image at the user interface in 1,1 second with the option of further processing such as auto flat field and offset correction.

Other geometries with 375x83mm, or 166x125mm up to 250x83mm are available for tiled CT reconstruction.

Acquisition routines including expose while read out enables to achieve 100% duty cycle for continuous sample rotation / CT.

Resolution up to 48 megapixels can be achieved with three 16 megapixel sensors, including customized scintillators for optimum resolution and energy operation.

X-ray CCD detector VHR 3x1 X-ray Camera
Very High Resolution X-ray CCD camera arrays

Very High Resolution X-ray camera

The X-Ray Imager VHR is a very high-resolution (with 4008x2672 and 4872x3248 pixels) X-ray digital camera with direct coupled fiber-optic input that protects the sensor against radiation damage.

The camera features a high resolution phosphor screen which allows 20lp/mm resolution without the need of geometric magnification. Fast 20Mhz readout combined with on-chip pixel binning and sub-area readout allows fast shutterless acquisition with continuous sample rotation.

Very low noise electronics allows to cope with very dimmed signals onto large background such as in phase contrast, diffraction enhanced imaging with soft tissues or thin bone sections.

Air and/or water cooling allows long on chip integration when the camera is used with a sub micrometer size X-ray source for nanoCT reconstruction. Thanks to a removable scintillator, the camera can be used with a brighter 160 kV X-ray source whilst maintaining very high resolution without bleeding artifacts.

Unlike other flat CMOS panels, the fibre optic component bonded to the CCD sensor protects the sensor against radiation damage, giving a longer life cycle than any other detector.

X-ray cameras - X-Ray Imager VHR
Very High Resolution X-ray camera

High Resolution X-ray camera

The X-ray FDI is a high resolution (1392x1040 pixels), X-ray digital camera with direct coupled (micro) fiber-optic input that protects the sensor against radiation damage.

The camera offers a switchable 10/20MHz readout rate (with 12-bit image digitization) to cope with real time acquisition requirements such as for PCB inspection, X-ray source monitoring.

Simultaneous exposure and read out cycle allows 100% duty cycle to be achieved whilst maintaining sensitivity.

Resolution up to 25lp/mm is achieved depending on the input size and scintillator thickness options chosen at the time of order.

Very low read out noise electronics down to 5 electrons allows the X-Ray FDI to detect very faint flux close to near photon counting when binning is used.

This is particularly useful for low dose microCT as well as SAXS set up. Thanks to large dynamic range, the camera can unveil very faint intensity details even a bright background with no saturation artifacts.

X-ray FDI X-ray cameras
High Resolution X-ray camera

Laue X-ray camera

The high resolution Laue X-ray imaging system allows a digital backscattered Laue diffraction pattern to be recorded, with a resolution of 1872x1280 pixels and 16-bit digitization.

The X-ray beam passes through the camera and is collimated down to <1mm diameter. The active area input dimension is similar to that of Polaroid film: i.e. 156mm x 104.4mm. Exposures from few seconds up to >30 minutes can be adjusted during manual or automatic crystal orientation routines before cutting.

Twinned structures occurring during crystal growth can be unveiled using a high resolution mode.
The standard high resolution Laue X-ray imaging system is a simple solution for a replacement of Polaroid film. Complete systems with real time sensing capabilities can be provided to order including X-ray source, collimation, goniometer and indexing software.

Upgrades from existing X-ray sources are made using high precision mechanics allowing crystal orientation accuracy down to < 0.5 degree. Microdiffraction set up for both laboratory and or synchrotron sources can be provided on demand using a very high resolution Laue camera.

This solution is also ideal for replacing film-based Laue systems for industrial applications; for example monitoring for imperfections in high performance turbine blades made from single crystal advanced alloys.” To avoid poor creep resistance and failure of blades at high temperature.

X-ray Laue camera : High resolution very low noise IL CCD camera
Laue X-ray camera

X-ray Intensified camera

The X-ray Gemstar incorporates an ultra low noise image intensifier that enables photon amplification down to single photon detection.

The intensifier, thanks to an intrinsic luminous gain of up to 8,000:1 enables to lift up the signal generated by a single photon right above the read out noise of the cooled CCD sensor. Very low Equivalent Background Illumination down to 10-3 counts per pixel per second is achieved thanks to selection of very low noise intensifiers and digital signal processing.

The camera is available with input area up to 66mm diameter and less than 50 microns pixel size. Extended cooling allows single exposure up to 20 minutes.

Fast read out allows shutterless 100% duty cycle acquisition at up to 13fps for dynamic acquisition / integration of real time experiments.

Synchronization with pulsed X-ray source down to 100ns at 30 KHz repetition rate can be achieved by feeding a TTL triggering pulse to a BNC connector.

X-ray Intensified CCD camera
X-ray Intensified camera

X-ray Alignment camera

The X-ray miniFDI allows high resolution beam characterization down to less than 10 microns resolution and 0.5 % accuracy in terms of signal to noise ratio.

The camera offers 8.9x 6.7mm active area. A custom scintillator is deposited onto the camera in order to allow operation from 100 eV up to 100 keV.

The camera delivers up to 13 fps at full resolution or >40 fps in binning 2x2 allowing real time beam monitoring routine.

A built in shutter allows smear free, shutterless acquisition even with exposure time down to micro second range.

Higher frame rate in excess of 100fps can be achieved when used in local sub area mode or line scan mode. High resolution beam analysis is carried via a remote GUI interface thanks to device server driver control.

The cameras have a 16-bit acquisition mode and a fast 12-bit readout mode. Near single photon counting sensitivity can be achieved in binning mode.

X-ray Alignment camera
X-ray Alignment camera

X-ray Electron Multiplied camera

The XEM camera incorporates a megapixel electron multiplied CCD that enables photon amplification down to near single photon detection.

Direct on chip amplification process allows to lift up the signal generated by a single X-ray photon right above the read out noise of the EMCCD sensor.

A significant dose reduction can be achieved whilst maintaining good modulation contrast. A high efficiency fibre optic taper is directly coupled to the EMCCD sensor and protects it from radiation damage. It receives a high resolution scintillator which enables 20 lp/mm resolution depending on input size.

The camera operates at up to 15fps (30 fps in binning 2x2) with simultaneous exposure and read out cycles, thus enabling 100% duty cycle in 2D area scan mode. Full vertical binning offers transfer rate up to 1KHz in line scan mode.

The sensors can be tiled with other cameras in order to increase active area up to 56 x 28mm without frame rate losses.

X-ray EMCCD cameras
X-ray Electron Multiplied camera

Full Frame X-ray CCD camera

The X-ray Image Star camera range consists of a large area full frame CCD sensor coupled to large area tapered fibre optic up to 190mm diameter.

The large area high quantum efficiency CCD sensor enables low demagnification taper and optimum sensitivity for flux hungry applications such as in small molecule and protein crystallography.
Genuine 16 bit dynamic range is achieved with read out cycle of 2.5 to 3.5 seconds depending on binning. The camera will be offered with fast X-ray shuttering function.

Air or water cooling can be chosen at the time of order depending on experimental set up / noise requirements. The camera can be tiled for extending geometry up to 232 x 116 mm for large area coverage up to 270 x 270mm for the largest format available.

The camera will achieve near single photon counting sensitivity when a 1:1 coupling and binning are used, this is particularly useful for SAXS / WAXS as well as other low energy application requiring in vacuum operation.


x-ray ccd detector Full Frame X-ray CCD camera
Full Frame X-ray CCD camera

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