Very High Resolution camera systems for X-ray radiography and X-ray tomography applications

Very High Resolution X-ray sCMOS and CCD Systems

Computed Radiography System 

The system replaces conventional high resolution films used for bone densitometry and other biopsy diagnostic techniques.

It allows acquisition of high resolution sections down to micrometer resolution. Multiple fields of view are automatically scanned and stitched in order to produce images of large samples / biopsy sections.

The camera is calibrated against known Hydroxyapatite response in order to deliver quantitative results.

The system includes 11 megapixel CCD detector and produces images of nearly 100 megapixel resolution with 3x3 reconstructed images.

The resulting image covers 21mm x 14mm filed of view with less than 2 micron pixel size.

  • Microfocus source
  • 4 and 11 Megapixel resolution camera
  • Motorized stages
  • X-ray cabinet
Bone cut four fields unstitched
Sapphire C-axis aligned
Bone cut four fields stitched

Computed Tomography camera system

The system comes as a turnkey computed tomography acquisition solution which delivers data ready for 3D reconstruction at low kV range, typically 20 to 90kV.

It includes a microfocus source with various anode materials, cooled X-ray camera and high precision rotation stage within a small footprint X-ray cabinet.

This 3D microCT platform is a cost effective system available with 1.4 megapixel up to 11 Megapixel X-ray camera.

The cameras offers very high sensitivity thanks to fibre optic coupling and very high resolution down to 10 microns without magnification.

A very high sensitivity 4 Megapixel sCMOS camera is available for low dose applications. It enables single X-ray quantum detection with frame rates in excess of 30fps.

Acquisition software enables real time acquisition against reference samples with flat field & geometric corrections prior to carry out 3D reconstruction.

  • X-ray Microfocus source
  • 1.4 - 4 and 11 Megapixel resolution camera
  • Motorized rotation / translation stages
  • Acquisition software
  • X-ray cabinet
3D MicroCT Platform
Sapphire C-axis aligned
3D reconstructed rough diamond, 2 micron resolution



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