SWIR imaging

In the last few years a whole new waveband of the electromagnetic spectrum has been opened up for exploitation: the Short Wave Infra Red (SWIR). The band runs from the edge of the near IR region at 900 nm up to 1700 nm, and has traditionally been invisible to all detectors. Now, Indium Gallium Arsenide sensors can image within this waveband, for a wide range of applications. For example, solar cells can be made to emit in this waveband, allowing in-line inspection of their internal structure during manufacture. Bruising of fruit can be detected by imaging the sub-surface accumulation of water. Surveillance applications can benefit from reduced atmospheric scattering due to mist in the SWIR band, and can take advantage of the SWIR band “night glow” of a clear night sky. SWIR band laser illuminators, invisible to most detectors, can provide high quality night vision when coupled with a SWIR camera.

Silicon wafer inspection with laser induced photoluminescence

Photoluminescence wafer inspection system

Solar cell / bare wafer photoluminescence inspection system
Photoluminescence (PL) performs non contact testing of PV cells and wafers by using a laser source. PL images are captured with a cooled InGaAs camera within 100ms exposure depending on source power used. PL imaging (proportional to minority carrier life time which correlates with cell efficiency) can be performed at any point of solar cell processing (bare wafer, wafer with oxide or nitride, patterned finished cell)

The on line testing solution is capable of very high throughput up to 3,600 wafers / cells per hour.

Intuitive software detects micro cracks, shunts, hot spots and low efficiency areas
  • Bare wafer in line inspection
  • Processed cell in line inspection
  • Finished panel inspection (installed panels / prior to installation)

Application images

Silicon wafer photoluminescence

Silicon wafer photoluminescence
SiC hexagonal aligned
Solar cell photoluminescence


New visible 15 microns SWIR camera delivers low read out noise

Photonic Science introducing 640x512 extremely low noise SWIR InGaAs camera with visible extension.

(datasheet at the foot of this page)

PSL is introducing the cooled Vis-SWIR InGaAs camera with an extended spectral range in visible spectrum. The camera is capable of operating fron 400nm to 1700nm allowing detection in visible and short infrared region simultaneously with peak quantum efficiency above 80%. With 640x512 pixels resolution and 15 microns pixel size, this camera is very well suited for 2/3inch format lenses and microscopy objectives used for semiconductor inspection, photoluminescence measurements and hyperspectral imaging.

The camera comes with an option of either air cooled or water cooled. In addition to python based PSL software.

We also offer labview VIs or SDK/DLL kit for user to generate their own interface. OEM version with special form factors/cooling options are available for integration into specific instruments / systems.

     50 electron read out noise

    Operating spectral range of 400nm to 1700nm

    16-bit dynamic range

Graph QE SWIR camera

New cooled 640 x 512 InGaAs camera for quantitative SWIR imaging and spectroscopy

Genicam compliant cooled SWIR camera

PSL is introducing Genicam SWIR cameras complying with industrial Gigabit Ethernet Vision (GEV) standards. The cameras can be operated with open source software like Pleora, JAI tools etc. Compliance with GEV standards allows operation with multiple platforms (Windows, Linux) and available GEV compliant SDKs.

OEM versions with special forms factors / cooling options are available for integration into specific instruments / systems.

Genicam compliant SWIR camera


SWIR Imaging at 110 Hz full resolution

Single-tap camera delivers 110 fps. ROI of 320  140 pixels allows frame rate at up to 200 fps.

Smaller ROI will increase the frame rate up to 9.5 KHz with a single line.

Single tap delivers stable offset / non uniformity correction for consistend acquisition routines.

Range of cooled SWIR available

Standard 1/4 VGA (320 x 256) 900nm to 1700 nm

Extended VGA (640 x 512) 1200nm to 2200nm

Standard VGA (640 x 512) 900nm  to 1700nm

Vis-SWIR VGA (640 x 512) 400nm to 1700nm
  • laser beam profiling
  • Spectroscopy

InGaAS / SWIR camera

Cooled high sensitivity InGaAs camera with 640x512 resolution

Vis-SWIR camera operates in spectral range of 400nm to 1700nm allowing detection in visible and near infrared spectrum simultaneously with high quantum efficiency.

The camera offers high sensitivity and very good signal to noise ration, thanks to a 50 electrons read out noise VGA format (640 x 512 pixels) ROIC.


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