High resolution Laue Neutron & X-ray imaging system — the dual camera system allows a digital backscattered Laue diffraction pattern to be recorded, with a resolution of 2080x1392 pixels and 12-bit digitisation at 10MHz. The X-ray beam passes through the camera in a straight lead lined tube of 16mm diameter, to protect the camera system from scattered X-rays. The image areas allow some overlap to permit image stitching and provide a single continuous image with an input dimension of 156mm x 104.4mm. The system is supplied in a unified housing with mounting plate. The x-ray scintillator screen is GdOS:Tb 0.1mm thick with a peak emission at 550nm to match peak QE response of the CCD. Other scintillators are available to order. The input scintillator is covered by a thin aluminium light exclusion window. The camera features a variety of functions such as binning, sub area readout and 16 bit acquisition mode, which apply to the single combined image.