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Photonic Science Cooled Intensified CCD cameras and scientific detector systems visible to x-ray and neutron detection

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EMCCD cameras

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Digital X-ray cameras and detectors laue Radiography Microscopy Nano Micro tomography Phase contrast Topography systems

Digital X-ray Radiography

Digital X-ray Radiography systems X-ray laue systems

X-ray microscopy systems

X-ray microscopy systems X-ray Nano & Micro tomography systems

X-ray phase contrast

X-ray phase contrast systems

X-ray Topography systems

X-ray Topography systems X-ray cameras and detectors Defence Vision Systems - DVS intensified cameras Military and day/night Vision airborne surveillance camera systems


Comparision HawkEye sCMOS 2.0 versus TI EMCCD LL camera

Study into the difference in imaging performance of the Texas Instruments EMCCD based imager and the...

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Cooled CCD and second generation sCMOS Cameras

Cooled sCMOS Camera Based on second generation sensors 1920x1080,...

Cooled Intensified CCD and sCMOS cameras

Cooled Intensified CCD and cooled Intensified sCMOS cameras GEN II and GEN III...

Cooled InGaAs camera for SWIR imaging

SWIR imaging In the last few years a whole new waveband of the electromagnetic...

Real-time Laue Single Crystal Orientation Tool

Real time Laue CCD camera system for single and bulk crystal orientation The...

Systems for Radiography and Tomography applications

Very High Resolution camera systems for X-ray radiography and X-ray tomography applications Very...

Cameras for Transmission Electron Microscopy

Very High Resolution sCMOS & CCD cameras for Transmission Electron Microscopy...

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